Summertime and the music is easy

Harrys House is Styles new album

Harry’s House is Styles’ new album

By Jared Bysiek, Staff Writer

As summer quickly approaches many students will begin to take some time to wind down and relax after a stressful finale of final exams, projects, and presentations. One way to kick back is with some music, and nothing can make a music-lover more excited than having some new jams to enjoy for the summer. From metal, to pop, to rap, here are just some upcoming albums, organized by gender, to look out for this summer.


Harry Styles – Album: Harry’s House – Release Date: May 20th – Single: “As It Was”

Harry Styles is a singer and songwriter known for his previous involvement with the boy band One Direction. He began his solo career in 2017 with the album Harry Styles and has since released one other album, Fine Line, in 2019.

The upcoming album is scheduled to be released the 20th of May through the labels Columbia and Erskine, and will include 13 total tracks. It can be pre-saved on services like Sptofy and Apple Music, and pre-ordered through a variety of retailers physically such as Target, Walmart, and his own merch store.

Link to pre-order:

Travie McCoy – Album: Never Slept Better – Release Date: July 15th – Single: “Stop It”

Travie McCoy is a rapper, singer, and songwriter most known for being the frontman of the rap-pop-rock group Gym Class Heroes. His solo career started in 2010 with the release of Lazarus, and followed with collaborations with artists like Jason Mraz and Brenden Urie among others, and two singles in 2013 and 2014 before his hiatus.

His second album is scheduled to be released on July 15th through Hopeless Records, and has shared three singles: “Spoonful Of Cinnamon”, “Stop It”, and “Loved Me Back To Life”. It can be pre-saved digitally on services like Spotify and Apple Music, and pre-ordered physically through Hopeless Records.

Link to pre-order:


Death Cab for Cutie – Album: Asphalt Meadows – Release Date: September 16 – Single: “Roman Candles”

Death Cab for Cutie is a rock band that formed in 1997. Throughout their time span they have released nine albums, one demo album, six EPs, and one live album. Their last studio album, Thank You For Today, was released in 2018, but they have been an active band during the six-year gap in between studio albums including tours, an EP, and a limited 24-hour-availability EP on the website Bandcamp.

Frontman Ben Gibbard has shared that the band originally worked on the songs and recording process all independently at their own home studios, sharing the files between one another to piece the songs together, in an interview with “Spin Magazine.” Their newest album is scheduled to be released on September 16th through Barsuk Records, and can be pre-saved on Spotify and Apple Music, or pre-ordered through their own merch store.

Link to pre-order:

Horsegirl – Album: Versions of Modern Performance – Release Date: June 3rd – Single: “World of Pots and Pans”

Horsegirl is a rock band formed in 2019 from Chicago, Illinois. During their short time as a band so far they have released three singles, not counting the newest teaser of their upcoming album: “Forecast”, “Ballroom Dance Scene”, “Sea Life Sandwich Boy”, and “Billy.”

Their upcoming album will be their first full-album debut, and is scheduled to be released on June 3rd through Matador Records. The album can be pre-saved on services like Apple Music and Spotify, and can also be pre-ordered physically through the label’s website alongside distributors like Rough Trade Records and Bandcamp. There will also be a record release show on June 5th in Chicago at Thalia Hall. It will feature acts from Friko, Lifeguard, and Post Office Winter.

Link for June 5th record release show:

Link to pre-order:


Photo by Santiago Bluguermann/Getty Images

Kendrick Lamar – Album: Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers – Release Date: May 13 – Single: ???

Kendrick Lamar is a rapper, songwriter, and producer who began his career in 2010 with some mixtapes before his major-label debut in 2012 titled Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City. He has since released 3 other studio albums, his most recent being Damn in 2017. He has released songs and worked with other artists since then for the Black Panther soundtrack in 2018 before going on a hiatus. His upcoming album will be released through Top Dog Entertainment, though reportedly it will be his last release through them.

No official singles have been released yet, but he has released a new track as of two days ago. Details are being kept to a minimum, though you can explore what has been revealed through the website It’s unclear how the album will be released, or what it even contains, but fans can be expected to look out for it on May 13th.

Logic – Album: Vinyl Days – Release Date: ??? Single: “Therapy Music”

Logic is a rapper and producer whose career began in 2010 with a few mix tapes released before partnering with Def Jam Records and releasing his debut, Under Pressure, in 2014. Since then, Logic has released four other studio albums, three mixtapes, a novel, a soundtrack to accompany the novel, and a memoir. His most recent studio album, No Pressure, was released in 2020. That same year he announced an end to his music career to focus on being a father, partnering with Twitch to stream before announcing his return back to music a year later.

The details of his upcoming album are unclear. Not much is known on how many tracks will be released, where it will be released, and when it will be released. The album is reported to use many samples, which is partly what is causing an uncertain release as the samples must be approved. There is also conflict with the label Def Jam, which only adds to the confusion and uncertainty. Though there is no clear release, fans have been told to expect a release sometime this year, possible in June.


The Wonder Years – Album: ??? – Release Date: ??? – Single: “Oldest Daughter”

The Wonder Years is a pop-punk band that formed in 2005, releasing their debut album in 2007 through No Sleep Records entitled Get Stoked on It!. Though the band dismissed their first album as a train wreck, they would soon find themselves cemented as modern pop-punk icons with the release of The Upsides in 2010, and Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing in 2011. They have since released three studio albums, and two acoustic EPs. Though they have remained fairly active their last studio album was released in 2018 entitled Sister Cities. They officially announced a new song would debut on a Philadelphia radio station on April 20th, before following up with its availability on streaming services. Key details about the upcoming album have yet to be given, but the band has expressed that they feel it is some of their most loved work yet.

State Champs – Album: Kings Of The New Age – Release Date: May 13 – Single: “Eventually”

State Champs are a pop-punk band that formed in 2010, releasing a few EPs before joining Pure Noise Records and releasing their debut album, The Finer Things, in 2010. They have since released an acoustic EP and two studio albums, their most recent being Living Proof in 2018.

Their upcoming album will be released through Pure Noise Records, and is expected to come out on May 13th. The album features 11 tracks, and can be pre-saved on services like Spotify and Apple Music. Aside from its digital releases, the album can also be pre-ordered physically through their Pure Noise Records page, or through websites like Target, Urban Outfitters, and Newbury comics.

Link to pre-order:

Grumpster – Album: Fever Dream – Release Date: June 17 – Single: “Fever Dream”

Grumpster is a punk band that formed in 2017, releasing six singles before partnering with iconic punk label Asian Man Records and releasing their debut album, Underwhelmed, in 2019. Since then they have released two singles entitled “Growing Pains” and “Teeth” in 2020. They have since signed onto Pure Noise Records, and have promptly followed with the announcement of their second album.

The album is scheduled to be released June 17th through Pure Noise Records, and will feature 10 tracks. Not many details have been given on digital releases, though it’s expected to be released on most streaming platforms. It can currently be pre-ordered through Pure Noise Records.

Link to pre-order:


Municipal Waste – Album: Electrified Brain – Release Date: July 1 – Single: “Grave Dive”

Municipal Waste are a crossover metal band that formed in 2001, releasing a self-titled EP before their debut album in 2003 entitled Waste ‘Em All. They have since released three EPs and five studio albums, their most recent being their 2019 EP The Last Rager. Municipal Waste are an iconic modern crossover band that utilizes metal and hardcore punk similar to bands like D.R.I.,  achieving large recognition after their third album The Art of Partying in 2007.

Their upcoming album will be released through Nuclear Blast Records, and is scheduled to come out on July 1st. Only one single has been shared, however it has been shared that there will be 14 tracks, and can be pre-saved on services like Spotify and Apple Music. Aside from its digital releases, the album can also be pre-ordered physically through the Nuclear Blast website as well as their own website from other distributors.

Link to pre-order:

Wormrot – Album: Hiss – Release Date: July 8 – Single: “Behind Closed Doors”

Wormrot is a grindcore band from Singapore that formed in 2007, releasing a demo the same year and an EP in 2008 before their 2009 debut entitled Abuse. They have since released two EPs and two studio albums, their most recent being Voices in 2016. Wormrot have established themselves as one of the most iconic modern Grindcore bands – a genre that blends speed, fury, short-length tracks, and vocals that range from shrill to guttural.

Their upcoming album will be released through Earache Records, and is scheduled to come out on July 8th. It will contain 21 tracks, and can be pre-saved on Spotify, though it is expected to also be released through other streaming services. It can also be pre-ordered physically through both Earache Records’ website and Bandcamp.

Link to pre-order:



This list is just a sampling of all the music to look out for during summer. One student who is excited for some of these releases is 18-year-old MCC student Ciara Duncan, who is particularly excited for Harry Styles and Death Cab for Cutie.

“Death Cab for Cutie makes me swoon. The music is just so nostalgic; there are just certain songs or bands I remember always playing on the radio or from my mom’s CD player,” she said. “I recently listened to [Harry Styles’] entire self-titled album yet again, and I’m blown away every time. I loved it when I first listened to it in 2017, and I love it now. He’s really made something of himself, and good for him! He always looks like he’s having a good time…keep on keeping on, dreamy British man.”

Another student who is excited for many of these upcoming releases is 21-year-old MCC student Ryan Winters.

“I am looking forward to most of these releases apart from the metal releases. I’m most interested in the Wonder Years album being teased as they have been one of my favorites for close to a decade now,” he said. “I hope to see the lead singer’s side project Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties live in June if everything goes well.”

Look out for all these albums on streaming services, order them physically if you feel inclined, and try to kick back and take it easy during the time away from school.