Update your closet for the summer of ’21


By Katelyn Davis, Staff Writer

This summer seems to be more promising as Covid restrictions are being lifted. As warm weather is approaching and people are able to go back in public again, here are a few staple fashion pieces to add to your closet this summer.

  1. Classic black and white shirts — cropped shirts, tank tops, etc. Having plain clothing is essential because it is easy to dress up, or leave more casual. Being able to layer on top of these basic staples is a great way to not only dress the outfit up and down, but allows you to add pieces if you’re cold and remove them when you get warm. Accessories are essential when dressing with these basic tops!
  2. Denim Jacket — with all of the different washes, styles, and length of denim jackets they are essential to layer with on the not so warm summer days in Illinois. These jackets can tie a look together while offering that extra layer of warmth
  3. Slightly ripped pair of jeans — for the days that are cooler but not exactly cold these jeans offer warmth and breeze that is perfect for those in between days. These jeans provide a more edgy look so they are not the best for professional environments, but if you’re looking to add character when going on these are a must have.
  4. Shorts — whether athletic shorts or denim shorts, they are a necessity when those warmer days start coming about. Athletic shorts are perfect for the beach as they are comfortable and don’t grasp onto sand as easily as denim, and denim jeans are perfect when piecing together a more put-together outfit. Men are a little hesitant with the idea of jorts, but with 80’s fashion making a comeback they will be perfect for the summer of ’21.
  5. Black dress and button up shirts — these are essential for proper nights out with friends, family, or significant others. Feeling confident in the night life will bring out the life of the party in you! Ladies can pair their dress with a cute heel or if heels are not your favorite you can pair with a stylish sandal. Men can leave a few buttons undone, pair with some slacks, and some boat shoes and call it a look!
  6. Slides — slides provide a quick and effortless look for summertime. With summer activities these are easy to kick sand out of and remove when playing games. With the amount of styles, colors, heights, and brands that make slides now you will be sure to find one that fits you!

With summer right around the corner, these six fashion pieces will be sure to add some spice into your wardrobe this summer.