Black History presentation focused on family

By Carina Lopez, Staff Writer

During the month of February, McHenry County College was an advocate for Black History Month. The school actively encouraged students to take part in some of the events around campus. It is important to raise awareness surrounding the historic events and people that have contributed to the African American community.

Administrators Sandra Hess Moll and Adrian Hutchinson held a presentation on campus open for students and staff members. The presentation focused on historical perspectives and family traditions within black communities. They encouraged active participation, starting with a singalong to “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge. Right away, they created a comfortable atmosphere for the audience and made it enjoyable for all those that attended.

Both Hess Moll and Hutchinson, gave their own experiences growing up. They began with a little history about their ancestors; they explained how hard it is to track back all your relatives because of all the separation they experienced being placed in different plantations as slaves.

The separation and not knowing where family is, has led to what become so dominant for black families today: family reunions. Each of them talked about their own experience with these extravagant events, and that really is what they were extravagant. They hold events that welcome up to 200 people, have a committee to organize the reunions, create t-shirts, and schedule specific events happening at certain times. This and many more contributions goes into the planning of reuniting family. They have even created websites and books.

It was clear that family and love was a priority in the black community. It was so important for them to have this beautiful tradition continue to live with upcoming generations.

Hannah Agboola, a student at MCC, enjoyed the presentation: “I thought that they were speaking on generations of history within the black community and how family reunions brought people of all different ages back together to celebrate our freedom and our family as one..

Although Black History Month has ended, we should always remember the upbringing and appreciate this beautiful culture. This event was a great way to raise awareness throughout the campus. For future events, refer to The Flush and become an active participant.