Therapy assistants group aims to help

By Savannah Leone, Staff Writer

Student Occupational Therapy Assistants, or SOTA, is a student organization focused on helping others within the community through volunteer opportunities. The club goal is to help in any way that they can. 

This club meets for only 30 minutes every other Tuesday, from 1-1:30 in room E217. These meetings are generally led by the president, Danielle Morales. Students do not have to be a part of the Occupational Therapy program to join the club, although most members have an interest in the program or are planning to get into it. 

Aside from bi-weekly meetings, the group hosts different events focused on helping others. One of them was a backpack week in the MCC Commons. They were helping students learn the proper way to carry their backpacks, what to keep in them, and other tips to avoid injury from backpacks. 

SOTA is all about helping others. One member of the club, Alyse, explained that being a member has shown her so many ways to help others and given her opportunities to do so. “I love it,” she said.