Game Clubbers dabble in many ways to play

By Brandon Ahne, Staff Writer

As various clubs and organizations began filing into the MCC cafeteria, Thomas Albert Egger, 26, had already lined up his computer monitors, arranged his table, and was ready to represent the Game Club with plenty of time to spare.

The Game Club, which welcomes anyone with even a mild interest in gaming, meets every Wednesday 6-10 p.m. in room E116. The group spends its time playing and discussing all aspects of gaming including but not limited to design, stories, characters, and game-play mechanics.

Although they mainly dabble in the realm of board games, one of Egger’s favorite aspects of the club is its freedom and variety.

“People are more than welcome to bring in systems if they want to share a game,” Egger said. “Whatever people want to play. We’re very flexible.”

Thomas Egger was elected as Game Club president last semester. Since then, his main focus has been the club’s productivity. While also spending time having fun, the club devotes itself to designing their own independent games. “Animal Hackers,” a card game created by the club, has already received school funding. They also plan to develop it into a full on board game in the future.

Egger points out the opportunities created by the club for those pursuing a career in gaming and graphic design.

“I really want to push everybody to build their portfolios and resumes. That’s what this board game does,” he explains.

As Egger speaks of and describes the Game Club, his admiration for the group and its members is obvious, and his passion shines through.

In a message to students interested in joining, Egger emphasizes the group’s friendly, open, and accepting community. Whether it’s through the Game Club or any other school organization, he encourages students to get involved.

“I firmly believe that all walks of life can help improve any situation, but especially when it comes to producing games. No idea is a bad idea.”