MCC offers two — or three — classes in one

MCC offers two -- or three -- classes in one

By Alan Stevenson, Staff Writer

Students who are taking classes at MCC have often voiced their concerns about receiving enough credits to meet their graduation deadline. The Twofer and SuperTwofer classes that are offered both in the spring and the fall at MCC can help double credits for two different classes combined into a single course.

Twofer classes can help students earn six credits instead of just three, and SuperTwofer classes, which are offered in the fall, can help students earn seven credits. “Legends and Superheroes” is a course in fall that combines English Comp II with an Intro to Film class, taught by Jay Geller and Lisa Crizer for a total of six credits. Another offering is “The Matrix: Living in 3D” which combines English Comp I and Intro to Sociology, taught by Toni Countryman and Shiela Venkataswamy.  A SuperTwofer that will be available in fall — “Is happy a hoax?” — will combine English Comp I with Intro to Psychology along with MCC 101, taught by Kate Midday and Christine Grela.

Twofers are also good for students who know what they want to do and combine the elective class that they want with the general education class to help learn two useful skills at once. They are also helpful to students who want to explore subjects. A Super Twofer class is better suited for those who already know what they want to do,  but can still be offered to those who are still unsure to help them better decide what they want to do. They are also offered through online courses and combine MCC 101 with two-pathway related classes.