Some schools offer simple path for transfer


By Alan Stevenson, Staff Writer

When MCC students graduate with a degree in a field that they have spent two years working for, they will often look for a quick and easy way to transfer to a four-year university without having to wait to fill out an application to go to that school.

In March, MCC hosted  a transfer fair that included some of the sister schools that students can easily transfer to right after graduation. Students were able to get a taste of some of the programs offered at these schools.

A couple of the most popular schools for transfer are Northern Illinois University and Illinois State University —  these two schools are a little closer to MCC than some of the other ones. While these schools have a guaranteed admittance without an application, there is still the question of what students are willing to pay to go to some of these schools.

While some students are looking for schools that are closer to MCC or even other schools that are in different parts of the country, the agreement that MCC has with these sister schools can make finding a college that is right for them a little easier. Some students have already decided where they would like to transfer to, and are even accepted at  these schools.

According to Tanner Pitcher, an MCC student, he has already been accepted at Illinois State University and plans to move into an apartment that is closer to that school. Some schools will cover the cost of tuition depending on the FAFSA information which must be filled out by fall. Considering that Illinois State University is a very popular school, students will often be looking at tuition costs and how expensive it would be whether they end up living on or off campus. The FAFSA for this school can be filled out no later than November 15th for the 2024 spring semester.

If students are willing to search for a school within Chicago, Columbia College of Chicago offers opportunities in terms of transferring guarantees. This school has been ranked the number one film school in the Midwest for students looking for more opportunities in the film industry. Even though this is a smaller school, tuition is still very expensive considering that it is a facility within a major urban area. If students wish to transfer Columbia Chicago, there is a step-by-step guide on what the students should be filling out and completing on certain days, giving a very straightforward approach for admittance. Columbia even offers information on what it would be like living in the Chicago dorms and the flexibility students can have with affordable living areas.

There were also plenty of other schools to choose from at the transfer fair who have different outlines and plans that fit right for future students to give them options on affordable tuition and even living spaces. These schools were giving out free transfer guides that are easy to follow and understand, as well as information on where to contact transfer advisors to help set up a short or long term plan.

All the colleges offer  statistics on the types of students that are more likely to apply as well as correlating costs for tuition on average, the amount of grants they may receive. This was a great opportunity for students to be able to ask questions and look for programs that are available. If students were not able to attend the fair, these schools still offer helpful information on their websites.

Students can also visit the MCC resource page: