Sox season is one fans would like to forget


Celebrations have been few for Sox players as the season winds down.

By Zach Mears, Staff Writer

The Chicago White Sox came into the 2022 season with high expectations after winning the American League Central division the previous year. For the first time since 2008, the White Sox won their division in a dominating fashion having a 93-69 regular season record.

However, the White Sox haven’t been living up to everyone’s expectations this entire season. Everything that had to go wrong for the White Sox at any point of the season, did go wrong and they just could not seem to catch a break. After a string of losses to the division leaders Cleveland and last place Detroit, the Sox are out of contention for the playoffs.

Former White Sox players and fans are frustrated by this season.

In an article from the Chicago Tribune, Jose Contreras, a starting pitcher from the 2005 World Series White Sox was quoted saying, “Many people are saying, ‘What’s happening with Chicago?’”

Contreras went on, “It’s really hard to stay healthy the entire year, and people really don’t understand how difficult that can be across a long season. And (first baseman Jose) Abreu is the only one that’s really been healthy all year. They have to understand (the season) is so long and staying healthy is more difficult than people think.”

Former White Sox third baseman Joe Crede also gave his thoughts on the struggling White Sox. In the same article, Crede said, “It’s a tough game, especially with the expectations that they have —- they have a lot more than we did in ‘05 coming into the season.” Crede than

“It’s a tough game and I know the guys are fighting out there.” Crede said. “The talent is definitely there for them to do a lot of special things.”

The White Sox have dealt with many injuries this season. Players have dealt with injuries such as a concussion, torn ACL, hamstring, etc. The Sox currently have a couple of big names that are on the injury list including shortstop all-star Tim Anderson, starting pitcher Michael Kopech, and catcher Yasmani Grandal.

White Sox also had a disappointing trade deadline as the only move they made was trading catcher Reese McGuire for Red Sox left-handed relieving pitcher Jake Diekman. White Sox general manager Rick Hahn was not very happy with this being the only move the Sox made during the trade deadline. He knows how angry Sox fans were at this and in an article on WGN, Hahn was quoted saying, “Anyone out there who is feeling a level of frustration or disappointment, I’m there with you.”

The Sox have also experienced embarrassing losses and even questionable game decisions by their manager Tony La Russa.

In a home game match-up against one of their Central division rivals, the Cleveland Guardians, the White Sox had a six-run lead going into the top of the ninth inning. The Guardians pulled off one of the most shocking comebacks in this years MLB season by scoring a jaw-dropping six runs in the ninth forcing the game to go into extra innings. After Guardians first baseman Josh Naylor, hit a game tying grand slam with the Sox being only one out to get the win, Naylor hit a three-run homer in the eleventh inning. The Guardians held on to win the game and all the White Sox fans left the game shocked and disappointed.

A game that happened very recently where the White Sox blew another save was when White Sox outfielder Adam Engel missed catching a foul ball with only one more out to win the third game in a three-game series against the Baltimore Orioles. Orioles’ outfielder, Kyle Stowers hit his first career MLB home run which forced the game to extra innings. Orioles would go on to win the game.

La Russa has been criticized by fans all season for blowing big leads and even making a lot of questionable calls during this season.

In a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dodgers all-star shortstop Trea Turner was at the plate with a 1-2 count. To the shock of White Sox fans and even the Dodgers, La Russa makes a controversial decision to intentionally walk Turner. The call did not pay off after Dodgers scored three runs.

Sox fans got to the point where they have had enough and even starting a “Fire Tony!” chant at home games. Fans have been frustrated and disappointed in this White Sox season and hoping for changes to be made next year.

“If I had to do it in one word, I would say disappointing,” said Sox fan Matt Pankauskas. “They had a lot of raw talent going into the season a lot of players I had high expectations for. They should’ve had a high-power offense and I would say personally they really disappointed me.”

Pankauskas, 19, from Mount Prospect, also said, “I think we need to make our team younger. I think we need a new manager. I think Tony La Russa needs to go and we need to have better batting lineups.”

Fans are wanting changes immediately and show how disappointed they are in the White Sox hoping that the team can hear their frustration.

A longtime White Sox fan from Fox Lake, Jared Fogel said, “I would start by saying it’s a disappointment. The coach didn’t do his job getting his players ready and they should be well over .500. They should be twenty games over .500 and should be a threat to teams such as the Yankees and the Red Sox.

“I would love for the Sox to get a new starting pitcher and definitely get a new manager” Fogel said. “La Russa has had his time and I think he was a great coach, but it’s time for the White Sox to move on from him.”