MCC tuition won’t increase

With inflation on the rise and financial changes due to the pandemic coming from the left and the right, some good news regarding costs is much needed. McHenry County College announced tuition costs will not be going up for the 2023 Fiscal Year.

After a regular meeting for the MCC Board of Trustees in February, a vote was taken concluding that the $128.25 cost per credit hour would remain as it is, regardless of current external forces. The president of MCC, Dr. Clint Gabbard, felt that it was the school’s duty to fight for the members in their community and to keep down an education barrier as much as possible by keeping costs flat. Gabbard also mentioned that they have taken a “strategic and conservative approach” these last few years, allowing them to be able to make decisions that are in the best interest of their students.

MCC remains to be one of the most affordable options in higher education, nonetheless providing an efficient and accessible one. Tuition for Illinois State, a public university, is up to $15.3 thousand a year taking 15 credit hours over two semesters, while MCC stands at $3.8 thousand a year. In 2022, MCC
ranked 38th out of 39 community colleges when it comes to costs, while upholding its promise to provide students an education that is bountiful in resources and unique opportunities.

Aside from MCC’s maintained rates, the college is putting forth its best efforts to continue providing for its students education in any way they can during costly times. A wide variety of sources, such as the Purple Pride Relief Fund and the Student Success Fund, are options that provide money for students that may be facing unexpected financial crises due to the pandemic, as well as payment plans, scholarships, and grants.

— By Lauren Kolodziej