Many ready to spring back into travel


Grotto Falls is near Gatlinburg, Tenn. — one of Forbes’ 10 Spring Break destination recommendations.

By Sarah Baczewski, Staff Writer

Traveling during spring break is much more of a possibility this year. Compared to 2021, the vaccination status has risen and travel restrictions have been eased in the United States. Now citizens feel more comfortable traveling and are excited to make plans after two long years of limitations.

According to Vacasa, “more than half (56%) of Americans are planning a trip this spring and 37% are planning to travel during spring break, specifically—an increase from the 29% who were traveling for Spring Break 2021.” A majority of Americans are planning a domestic trip within the United States, while a smaller percentage are arranging a staycation or an international trip. In order to make it to their destination, travelers have larger access to public transportation in 2022. With the exception of only wearing a mask, people are able to hit the road, ride the train, or take flight to their vacation in the United States or abroad.

Since domestic trips are a very popular option for spring-break travelers in 2022, Forbes Magazine has a list of 10 spring vacation ideas for those who are planning to leave this spring break. The list includes St. Petersburg, Florida; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kansas City, Missouri; Las Vegas, Nevada; Lake Tahoe, Nevada; Sedona, Arizona; and Palm Springs, California. All of the locations have little travel restrictions and offer exciting activities for visitors.

Sydney Cecala, a freshman student at McHenry County College, plans on traveling over spring break this year. She states, “seeing as I am a fully vaccinated traveler, and still wearing a mask, I am hopeful to stay safe this spring break. I hope everyone else takes the same precautions so everyone can return back healthy.”

Spring-break travelers this year want to have a special vacation that they will never forget, especially after all the time they had spent without going on trips. People cannot wait to pack their suitcases and spend their break with friends and family. Although there are some who are still concerned about COVID-19 while traveling, the general consensus is that spring break feels more relaxed this year and people feel safer about making the choice to vacation. With the vaccination status increasing, overall worries about spreading the virus have diminished.

According to a chart from Our World in Data, 65.31% of Americans have a complete initial protocol of the vaccination and 11.28% are half vaccinated.

The vaccine helps prevent individuals from contracting COVID-19. If a person were to contract the virus, the vaccine would help protect their body and fight it off. Getting vaccinated shields the individual from developing severe illness or even dying from the virus. It is highly recommended that travelers are fully vaccinated so they can protect themselves and slow the spread of COVID-19 and its variants.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that travelers stay up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations, view destination-specific travel requirements and recommendations, visit their healthcare provider, and protect their health as they travel. Especially with the increase of people traveling during 2022, these tips are highly encouraged.

General tips when traveling include being cautious. People should do significant research before they visit a destination. It is necessary for travelers to know the basic layout of the location they are visiting. Travelers should also share information about where they are staying or going with family members and friends. Legal documents are a must when people are traveling, bringing copies highly suggested as well. When it comes to money, travelers should carry little cash and empty out their wallets before they leave. It is also important that they check their surroundings and know basic self-defense in case of an altercation. To avoid dangerous situations, people need to research what parts of the location they should avoid. Protecting your health and yourself are important key aspects to ensure that you are safe this spring break. With such safety measures being encouraged, people feel much safer to travel.

The overall attitude towards traveling has significantly changed this year. With the impact of the omicron variant easing, people are ready to finally enjoy a vacation. Americans are eager to travel in case another surge happens and the restrictions come back. Families have been apart for too long and are ecstatic to meet up again. People are more motivated to travel this year to safely visit places and people that they have been waiting to see. Especially with the numbers of infected people decreasing and the vaccination status increasing, travelers do not plan on holding back.