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Club brings K-Pop moves to MCC

Jessica Angeles, the president of K-DiFy, was inspired to create the club after viewing TikTok videos that DePaul and UIC posted about their clubs performing Korean Pop dances. Angeles’ admiration for K-Pop and its choreography encouraged her to tackle the lengthy process to establish it as an official student organization. From talking to the dean to discussing with teachers, it took her a semester to fully construct K-DiFy. Angeles’ goal is to create a safe and fun environment for people who want to learn more about K-Pop and the choreography.

People who are interested can attend the meetings every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in A206. This room is also known as the “Activity Room” in Building A. It is a horizontally narrow area with a mirror and plenty of space to dance. During the first 10 minutes of the meeting, members stretch and discuss information about the dances or possible collaborations with other clubs at MCC. The rest of the meeting consists of learning the dance through a step-by-step demonstration. After the group gets a grasp on the counts, they turn on the music and put their practice to the test.

K-Dify is beginner-level friendly, Angeles states that “we want to learn more choreography that is a little bit more difficult but we have to start somewhere.” There is no judgment since everyone is a beginner themselves. The environment is very optimistic and welcoming to everyone no matter how experienced they are with dancing or how much they know about K-Pop. Xitlaly Barajas, a member of the club, says that “we all generally try our best to keep everything positive” during meetings. If learning about K-Pop and its choreography in an upbeat and secure environment sounds interesting, head to A206 any Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to get in a great workout and quality time with friends!

— By Sarah Baczewski

Time to apply for scholarships

As McHenry County College (MCC) closes in on midterms for the spring semester, it’s that time of the year to roll out the scholarship applications for Fall Semester 2022.

MCC offers a wide variety of foundation scholarships, each one offered by different organizations, families, and companies in the area of McHenry County. These community-based scholarships are focused on bringing our community together through the creation of hope, learning, and opportunity while having a positive influence on its future. As of 2021, MCC awarded a total of 614 scholarships, totaling out to be $531,000. That being said, be sure to check out the many opportunities to earn awards for the next school year as the deadline approaches..

To begin applying for the scholarships, it is required that each student fill out a general application. To find the application, go to the MCC website where you will find a “paying for College” tab. Under this is a “Scholarships” tab that will bring you to a page with all the opportunities. From there, click on the “Friends of McHenry County College Foundation Scholarships,” where you can sign in with your myMCC credentials. Filling out this application will automatically submit it to all the scholarships for which you are qualified. Be aware, there are some scholarships that require extra materials, such as letters of recommendation and extra essays. These materials must be submitted directly to the association in order to be considered for that scholarship award.

It is advised that students go through the scholarships to decide which ones are best fit for them and their credentials, as there are many that have preferences for applicants. These preferences are based on things like a student’s major, ethnicity/race, STEM students, enrollment status, residency, gender, attended high school, need-basis, etc.

While some scholarships have already closed in on their deadline, the official deadline for all remaining scholarships is April 3, 2022.

— By Lauren Kolodziej

Free tax assistance services at MCC

MCC is helping qualified people file state and federal taxes with the help of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance clinic until April 13th. Tax assistance is available for households or individuals with an income less than $60,000 and can be done in person or remotely through drop-off returns. In person assistance is available from 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays; and can be found in room A102. Necessary documents and identification will be needed. Remote assistance can be done by contacting [email protected] to receive the necessary sheets, completing the sheets, and mailing them to MCC or using the drop off box on campus. For further information on necessary documents, parking, and more visit or contact Ann Esarco at [email protected] 

— By Jared Bysiek

Mask option shows mixed results

As of Monday, February 28, masks were no longer required to be worn on the MCC campus. This change in policy lies in accordance with the recommendations of Governor Pritzker, and has been met with a variety of opinions. Walking through the halls of MCC, several different responses can be seen. Some students and faculty members have shed their face coverings, others continue wearing them, while still others choose the seemingly diplomatic option of pulling their masks below their noses. Over the course of two days, March 1 and March 3, unofficial observations revealed that out of 459 individuals, 128 (42%) continued to wear a mask, while 268 (58%) chose not to. As these numbers are merely the result of casual observation, they can by no means be viewed as a true quantitative analysis or widespread depiction of on campus behavior. However, they can be used to show the mixed reactions of MCC students  and faculty and their varying levels of comfort with the current situation.

— By Leah Johansen 

Manufacturing internships available

Rotational internships for up to one hundred local students have opened up with AFC Materials Group, Alpha Swiss Industries, Berry Global, BTM Industries, and many others. These internships were created at the hands of McHenry County College and the Manufacturing Pathways Consortium.

This program will allow interns to get a taste of what a high-skilled manufacturing career looks like. The interns will work with two of the partnered companies during their ten-week internship, so during the application process they will be able to choose their top two favored employers. After their internship is over with eligible students will be able to work in part-time or full-time positions. On  March 2, 7, 16, 24, and 29 MCC will be hosting virtual information sessions. The applications are due by April 15.

To apply for the program or register for an information session, visit

— By Bryce Beitzel