Illustrator to publish horror books


By Jared Bysiek, Staff Writer

Trevor Henderson is an online artist, publishing his works on Instagram and Twitter. Though he may seem like an obscure illustrator, he currently has a dedicated following of 376,000 people on Twitter alone.

He gained a burst of mainstream recognition online in 2018 when a drawing of a creature he made known as Siren Head quickly garnered people’s attention with its detail and chilling energy that could not be shaken. Soon fanart, memes, and bootleg toys and games – to his dismay – all made the rounds, and he has since earned a reputation as its creator.

Henderson’s artwork has been characterized by his use of photos taken in real life being used as the environments for his drawings. It often is used to establish a sort of “found footage” feeling and makes the art feel more realistic and jarring – causing many to complain who view his art late at night.

This is Henderson’s first effort as an author, but he has worked with authors before to illustrate covers for other books. He has also shared his love of horror stories and has crafted stories for many of the creatures he designs. So, it comes as no surprise that the fan of horror has finally taken his first dive into writing stories of his own.

From the limited information that has been teased, the two books will revolve around a town called Beacon Point. The stories will feature many stories, showcasing the mysterious and terrifying events and creatures of this town he has created.

His stories will also include illustrations done by himself specifically for the books, which has enticed many of his fans. Trevor hopes to scare and inspire young readers, much like he experienced with books series such as Goosebumps and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark did when he was younger.

Rico Martinez, a 21-year-old student at MCC, has expressed his interest in Trevor Henderson’s work. Martinez  has been a fan for a few years since seeing some of his earlier work.

“I have been a fan of Trevor Henderson’s work ever since I saw his character, Cartoon Cat, around, like, 2018 or 2019,” he said. “What I really love about Henderson’s work is being able to create this sense of believability in his art. Like what we’re seeing is found footage of an undocumented creature, it’s amazing how he can blend his art into photos of real-life locations.”

Though he is a fan of Henderson’s work, he has expressed some concern for the outcomes of the books after hearing about it through a friend.

“I thought it was interesting that he was writing a book. Though I wasn’t too excited about my knowledge, he didn’t have too much experience in writing, and I was more of a fan of his art,” he said. “To me, part of the charm of Henderson’s art was that there was no background given for his creatures and it was up to fans to theorize about his creatures. I feel creating a story around them would take away that mystery aspect that I really enjoy about Henderson’s art.”

Martinez stated that he will keep an eye out on the book if it gets good reception, and despite his worries he is very excited about what future projects this could lead to.

“I would totally be excited if he partnered with some statue or figurine manufactures and created statues of his creatures,” he said. “I think it would be very cool to see them in 3D and be able to take in all the detail of his designs.”

While it is new territory for the illustrator, there is a great deal of promise and intrigue around the project. Many of his fans are confident that Henderson will terrify young readers, and garnish in a new era of horror artists and authors with the upcoming books.