Fashion trends show return to 90s


By Maribel Santos, Staff Writer

History tends to repeat itself, even with fashion, and it looks like baggy jeans, halter tops, and midi skirts are coming back.

As the world is slowly returning to its new norm, and with the weather changing, it seems like many people want to live their lives to the fullest after the year of COVID restrictions. It has been made clear that life is short and no one survives it in the end, so the best thing to do is enjoy your life as you want it, with no regrets.

Fashion has become a very popular topic recently with the warm sun teasing its way back to our lives, it is time to take out  summer clothes. Surprisingly enough it seems like we all are longing for comfort and with that feeling, it looks like the 90s fashion trends are coming back.

The 90s fashion trends were very interesting, to say the least with cropped mesh shirts, silky dresses, and bright, loud colors. According to “Lifestyle Asia,” the 90s fashions are making a reappearance but they’re coming with twists. “Lifestyle Asia” stated that these reoccurring trends will be less flashy and more on the softer side.

The clothing trends during the ’90s were very bold and we are adapting to the clothing in a way that is minimal and seems effortless, but speaks and expresses many things. Also, the main aspect of this is to change what we hated into something we love.

Fashion is a way many people express themselves. Fashion is important, it contributes to a person’s confidence — physically and mentally. In recent times both women and men are freer and more open on what they want to wear.

Regan Turner is a college student who has a strong connection to fashion. She finds it very fun and beautiful that clothing can be made whatever the person wants. Seeing the 90s fashion trends come back, for her it is very exciting.

“The thing about fashion is that there are no rules to it. Yeah, there are societal standards, but those standards are not meant to be met. The 90s fashion trends to many people are very cringe and ugly but I think it was so cool! The way the colors were so bold, and the outfits were very unique. Obviously, some things were questionable but we can change them to be cute,” she said.

Turner said fashion has no rules and with the baggy clothing, and silk midi skirts coming back to wear, you can decide how you want to wear it in order to fit your liking.

According to “Mindless” magazine, people in this generation feel extremely pressured to follow fashion trends in order to fit in. However, it must be known that fashion is an individual and personal affair. Wear what you want and how you want.

There were low-rise jeans, fringe shirts, and skirts that were very much questionable choices of fashion but in the end, it is up to you if you want to join the trend of baggy clothing and minimal outfits.

Expect to see many cropped minimal shirts paired with baggy jeans or midi silk skirts with casual button-up shirts. It’s beautiful to see fashion come back but in an upgraded way. The fashion world has no limits and that is what makes it fun. These evolved trends give a feeling of comfort and nostalgia but in the end, fashion trends are just trends and will end up fading away so enjoy it while it’s here.