News from around the MCC campus

Time to apply for scholarships

With the sixth week of the semester in full swing, scholarship application deadlines for the Fall semester of 2021 are coming up.

There are about three pages worth of scholarships that you can apply to that can help lighten any financial burden that you may be facing. The application deadlines are on April 1st, 2021 and they must be submitted by then in order for your submission to count.

To apply for these scholarships, you can go to the My MCC website and locate the menu bar at the top left of the page. There will be a drop down titles finances and once you click the arrow of the drop down there will be a scholarships option. From there, you will be redirected to a page that includes all of the scholarships that are available for you to apply to for the Fall 2021 semester.

To apply, all you have to do is sign in by hitting the yellow box in the top right of the page. It is recommended that you fill out a general application, with doing that you are automatically submitted for any scholarships you may be eligible for. This makes the process much easier and gives you a better chance of receiving a scholarship since you are submitted to more than one. You can also apply for separate scholarships outside of the ones you were automatically applied to.

With any further questions you may have while applying, you can reach the foundation at (815)-455-8721, at their email [email protected], or visit room A219.

This is a great opportunity to save money this coming semester, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity and apply today.

— By Katelyn Davis

Writers earn honors at conference

Two very talented writers from MCC, Paul Kranenburg and Rileigh Sullivan placed second in their respective competitions at the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference 2020 Writers Competition and Festival.

There were over 100 writers that competed across multiple competitions. Paul Kranenburg from Woodstock placed second in the Drama Category. Rileigh Sullivan placed second in the Poetry category. Starr Nordgren,  head of the English department at MCC, announced the awards. “We’re extremely proud that our students were among those recognized,” Nordgren said. “The English department at MCC always strives to offer a supportive and nurturing environment for students to explore their potential.”

All the students who participated should be proud, as not everyone can write well!

— By Ryan Winters

Kids and college program offers options for summer learning

Learning never stops, it happens every day. Keep children invested in their learning with MCC’s kids and college program.

Any students in grades one through nine, will be able to stay ahead in their classes and join STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) programs. For everyone’s safety, classes will be held through zoom. No matter the circumstance, learning is always available.

Learning will be accommodated to your personal wishes. New classes will be available each week from June 17-26 with the option of morning classes (8:45-11:30 AM) or afternoon classes (12:45-3:15 PM). There will also be an option of one-week classes, Monday through Thursday or two-day a week classes on Wednesday and Thursday.  For the week classes it will be $75 for every half day class, and the two-day classes will be $75 per week. It will also include a fee of $75 for miscellaneous funded programs that are run for two weeks. Materials and content will be provided unless indicated otherwise. This program is as flexible as possible.

The classes are filled with two hours of excitement and active work. The classes will not only inform students and prepare them for their schooling, but will also allow social interactions with their peers. All the kids will be put in small groups of 15 participants within their same grade. This will ensure that students will get enough contact with their instructors that will include teachers, MCC staff, and camp counselors. They will all bring nothing but enthusiasm and excitement to the sessions.

There is no limit on our courses, with the option of classes such as, baking, drawing, reading and writing, video game design, math, chemistry, and even theater. Summer is meant to have fun and that is what we intend.

There will be many opportunities for the participants to interact in actiivities such as baking and cooking, plaster art, fun science experiments, animation, and even sculpting.

“Most classes include a materials kit that parents will pick up on campus prior to the start of class.”, said Delia Rodriguez, the kids and college program leader. “Students will use the supplies to make some seriously cool creations at home with the help of their instructors!

“These classes are a great way to expand your child’s imagination, prepare them for their upcoming school year, and expose them to cutting-edge topics and learning skills—all while having fun with their peers,” Rodriguez said.

Join the Kids and College program now to receive the best summer experience! You can register at MCC’s registration office in A258, or call the office at (815)-555-8588, or even just online for your comfort and safety at

For more in-depth information or to ask questions you can visit the website, You can also contact Delia Rodriguez at (815)-455-8597, or [email protected].

— By Maribel Santos