Most fans still won’t be in the stands

By Joey Tolentino, Staff Writer

English football, American football, and basketball have been affected by Covid-19, but as these three sports are trying to come back to normality. The reality is that we might not be able to go watch a game live for a while unless you are a season ticket holder for your team.

Not only has this pandemic affected the athletes since they do not get the extra boost from the home fans, but also the staff that work for the teams in the stadiums. Trainers and on the field and  security staff might not have jobs.

Basically, for all three  sports they will only allow a couple of season ticket holders to attend games. Thomas Dohman, a professor at University of Bonn and author of the foremost studies on home-field advantages believes not allowing fans into the stadium will “diminish the home field advantage even more.” In a survey done by about whether being able to see your team has made you lose love for the team or made you get closer, the results showed younger people felt  closer and adults expressed losing love for the teams.

In November and December 2020, some teams in England  were in tier 1 or 2, which allowed them to have between 2,000-4,000 fans in the stadium according to

As for football in the U.S. they allowed a few thousand fans depending on each states COVID procedures according to  The NBA website reports that only 12 teams as of right now can bring fans in as long as it is under 4,000 spectators.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden states that: “This is a big step forward for sports. I’m confident sports will take every step to ensure their fans are safe, and fans will play their part and look out for each other until we can get everyone safely back in.”

Sports.Yahoo reports that soccer fans were excited  about being allowed back into the stadium. One fan named John Jones who is 81 said: “I am delighted to be able to come. It is just what we need. Life has not been the same without it. I just wish more could come.”

According to The Athletics’ writer  Katherine Tarrell, New Orleans tight end Jared Cook stated “It was quite different. Pretty much the whole game we were on the sideline talking about how different it was.” This was one of many NFL players basically saying the same thing about empty stadiums .

Of course, teams allowing fans in will be taking extra precaution. states that fans are required to wear face masks and, on some occasions, wear face shields that are given to them when they have arrive at the stadium, maintain social distance from other fans, wash hands, use hand sanitizer for when sitting or touching handles and chairs, and eat away from other people.

As for football in England, they have stopped allowing fans into the stadium since the whole country went into tier 3 as cases were growing. Here in the U.S. the NFL allowed 25,000 fans to watch the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay when  the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs. The NBA is allowing teams to let fans in depending on Covid-19 cases as well, so be ready because fans are coming back to stadiums — slowly but more and more.