Pride Club welcomes all

By Kristen Gesicki, Staff Writer

While Pride Month occurs in June, the McHenry County College Pride Club shouts pride all year long with glorious chants of equality and acceptance. Having their mission to educate and bring awareness to the community around them for their LGBTQ+ members, these students focus solely on making sure everyone feels safe and included to be themselves.

A few ways Pride Club celebrates their mission is through events and meetings that are based around inclusion and awareness. Now what events take place exactly? While Pride Club hosts many events and fundraisers, the top ones are their annual MCC Drag Show, which showcases Drag Kings and Queens of all ages and sizes raising money and spotlight for the club. Also the Pride Prom gives those who were too afraid or uncomfortable to go to their high school prom, a chance to experience the real deal, but in a safer, less judging environment.

Based solely at MCC, Pride Club meets every Wednesday in the Student Success Center from 4-5 p.m. Everyone is welcomed to join Pride Club any time, and members are always encouraged to bring friends to join the mission.

Some of the leaders of the club are Emily Hoffman and Jorge Guzman who make it their mission to spread awareness of the club and to make Pride Club as welcoming to others as it once was for them. No matter your gender, sexuality, or preferred pronouns, everyone is welcomed to spend time together and keep the dream of equality and acceptance alive.

For more information, Pride Club has a sign-up sheet for emails to update the community about their local events, along with looking out for upcoming events posted on the FLUSH. Pride Club, a community to raise awareness and to make people feel included in an environment that loves ALL.