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Try a Twofer for a unique experince

By Sarah Lalond, Staff Writer

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We’ve all seen the posters around campus, and if we haven’t, we’ve definitely heard professors recommending taking a Twofer. But what are they? Are they really worth taking? As student who is currently taking a Twofer, the answer is yes.

A Twofer is a two for one deal — two classes are taken together under the umbrella of a new, interesting topic. Double the classes means double the credit, so signing up for a Twofer will mean 6 credits instead of 3. These two classes are taken back to back in the traditional 1 hour 20 minute time chunk, with two teachers tag teaming.

I enrolled in a Twofer because my degree requires Comp II, a class that I wasn’t looking forward to taking by itself. The Twofer learning community was a great alternative. I signed up for Grrrrl Talk: Feminazis, Bitches, and Daughters of Eve. This learning community combines Comp II and Intro Literature under the topic of feminism. Although I was a little apprehensive about the subject, I went into the class with an open mind. As a result of taking a Twofer, I feel more informed about a subject that I didn’t have any background knowledge in. Part of college, and life for that matter, is trying things that are outside of your comfort zone to learn about how our world works. If it wasn’t for the Twofer, I would never have taken a class focusing on women’s lit or feminism, and would have missed the opportunity to get a solid comprehension of a new subject.

The Twofer is a different way to get your education, and definitely has its benefits. Any readings or papers for the two classes overlap. As a student, this is much better than needing to annotate a book for one subject, and then switch gears to write a paper on a different subject. Twofers are also themed around an interesting, unique subject matter. Here are the upcoming Twofer Classes for Spring 2018:

  • Cranial Contentment: Comp II (ENG 152 003) and Intro to Psychology (PSY 151 012) explore the science behind human behaviors and reactions, along with disorders and self-actualization.
  • Dropping, Sexting, and Dangerous Music: Comp II (ENG 152 002) and Social Problems (SOC 251 001) explore why certain social problems become so talked about while others stay in the shadows, as well as how claims makers, like the media, work and influence our opinions. The possible solutions to some of these social problems are also discussed.
  • Gandhi’s Playlist: Eastern Philosophy (PHI 160 001) and Non-Western Art History (ART 155 001) explore the art and philosophy of India, China, and Japan, and their influence today.
  • Laugh Your Ass Off: Comp II (ENG 152 001) and Intro to Speech (SPE 151 008) explore research writing and public speaking, but with a comedic focus.
  • NAZI Germany and the Holocaust: Comp II (ENG 152 004) and Ethics (PHI 251 006) explore the morality and give insight into the behavior of people one of the darkest periods in modern history.
  • Reel Minds: Abnormal Psychology (PSY 275 002) and Intro to Film (JRN 180 002) explore the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of those with mental illness in Hollywood movies, and how these portrayals affect our perception of mental illness.

For more information go to or contact Kate Midday at (815) 455-8735 or email [email protected] and be sure to talk to your advisor to find out which Twofer class is right for you!

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Try a Twofer for a unique experince