Tartan Bistro open for fine dining


By Alyssa Rivera, Staff Writer

The Tartan Bistro, run by students in the culinary degree program at McHenry County College (MCC), is open for dining. For 10 years, chefs in training at the MCC restaurant have been serving gourmet meals to the residents of McHenry County.

The Tartan Bistro is not only an eatery but a learning ground for students who are studying to become chefs, bakers, and wait staff for high end restaurants. It serves as the capstone class to the culinary degree program every spring, giving students the opportunity to put their training into practice.

What makes their menu so unique is the specialization of Midwest cuisine with influences from other international recipes. One entrée that will be offered this spring semester is filet medallions in an olive oil, garlic, and wine sauce. There will be other options as well such as a sea bass with lemon sauce, pickled sea fennel, and sweetie peppers and a pan-seared duck breast served with blueberry-balsamic sweet and sour sauce.

A menu for beer and wine lovers who dine at the Tartan Bistro will be provided. The selections range from craft beers created by local hot spots such as Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee and Crystal Lake Brewing, to rare wines from breweries like Scorched Earth in Algonquin. Non-alcoholic beer from Athletic Brewing will also be a choice on the menu.

All the meals are $25 or less and every entrée comes with a choice of soup or salad on the side. There will be dessert options that usually feature freshly baked pastries that are baked by the advanced pastry classes here at MCC.

The connoisseur friendly restaurant will be open on Wednesday and Thursday evenings with seating times open for reservation at 6, 6:15, 6:30, and 6:45 p.m. Because each table is limited to parties of up to four people, reservations are required to dine at the Tartan Bistro.

If you would like to make a reservation at the bistro, requests can be submitted via email to [email protected] with your date and time request. Please include the size of your party and backup dates and times in the case that your preferred date is unavailable. To keep up to date with the Tartan Bistro’s menu, visit www.mchenry.edu/tartanbistro.